A Literary Journey to Rome: From the Sweet Life to the Great Beauty

Rome is considered to be the most beautiful city in the world. However, how many people know about the hidden Rome, the Vatican’s secret archives, the true fate of Pasolini? This book describes a city full of passionate people who are in love with Rome and enthusiastic about what they experience there. Taking the reader on a journey through the city, we meet a woman picking urban fruit from the trees of Rome, learn the importance of studio 5 for Frederico Fellini, and chat with lovers of the work of the acclaimed Viennese-Roman author Ingeborg Bachmann. Always in search of the special in everyday life, the book draws a lively picture of the always vibrant Eternal City.

The success of her book Bella Arcadia: The Italy of Writers and Artists encouraged Viennese writer and journalist Christina Höfferer to move permanently to Rome, where she since has been working as a producer of radio features, mainly for the Austrian Public Radio, ORF. Her features and reportages show that reality is much more exciting than any cliché about Italy. She completed her studies of History at the University of Vienna in 1996 with a thesis on “British Travellers to Italy in the 19th Century: A Contribution to the Cultural History of Tourism”. She also holds a Postgraduate Degree in International Relations from SAIS Europe, the Bologna Center of the Johns Hopkins University, Italy.

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Release Date: 5th May 2017

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