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Innovative Management Perspectives on Confronting Contemporary Challenges

In view of the prolonged financial meltdown and the resulting clash of socio-economic interests, both between nations and within societies, unforeseen challenges have to be met by contemporary managers. The current organizational, financial, political and social situation calls for innovative, out-of-the-box solutions, while also presenting a unique “opportunity” for management scholars, practitioners and policy makers to work out and bring forward creative and imaginative, as well as realistic, responses to problems.

Appealing to scholars, students, researchers and practitioners, and covering a wide spectrum of organizational types and institutions, this book provides scientific evidence, direction and insight on issues associated with confronting challenges related to the contemporary socio-economic scenario.

In this respect, the book presents conceptual and empirical research, putting forward a wide range of paradigms and ideas transcending conventional theory, on finding innovative solutions to contemporary business and managerial challenges. It brings forward contemporary theoretical underpinnings across an array of sectors and organizational structures, while also presenting their practical implementations.

Dr Demetris Vrontis is Professor of Marketing and Executive Dean and Director at the University of Nicosia, Cyprus. Professor Vrontis is the Editor-in-Chief of the EuroMed Journal of Business and the President of the EuroMed Research Business Institute. His primary research interests are strategic marketing planning, branding, marketing communications and wine marketing, areas in which he has widely published and consulted.

Dr Evangelos Tsoukatos is Assistant Professor of Management at the Technological Educational Institute of Crete, Greece. Dr Tsoukatos is the Associate Editor of the EuroMed Journal of Business and the Vice-President for Operations and Development of the EuroMed Research Business Institute. His main research interests are services and quality management, cross-cultural management, and financial services management, areas in which he has extensively published.

Dr Amedeo Maizza is Professor of Economics and Business Management at the Department of Management, Economics, Mathematics and Statistics of the University of Salento, Lecce. He is Dean at the Faculty of Economics and Rector’s Delegate for Territorial Relationships. His research interests include marketing, management for tourism and wine and agrifood business.

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