Capturing Phonological Shades Within and Across Languages

This volume captures a wide spectrum of phonological explorations covering three main areas: research architecture, pattern analysis, and inter-linguistic interface. These numerous shades of phonology are revealed through the work of authors who hail from Asia and America, featuring, among others, such giants as Paul Kiparsky, Diana Archangeli, Douglas Pulleyblank, Sharon Inkelas, Ellen Broselow, Duanmu San, Yen-hwei Lin, and James Myers.

Yuchau E. Hsiao is Professor of Linguistics at the Graduate Institute of Linguistics, National Chengchi University, Taiwan. Yuchau is a theoretical phonologist with special foci on tone and prosody. He has won numerous awards in Taiwan in recognition for his achievements as a scholar and humanist.

Lian-Hee Wee is Associate Professor at the Department of English Language and Literature, Hong Kong Baptist University. His research is mostly in the field of theoretical phonology with a special interest in Asian Englishes and Chinese languages.

“This volume is a very useful anthology in theoretical phonology, especially in the context of Chinese dialects and Austronesian languages. The editors have done well to balance abstract discussions with valuable empirical analyses.”
William S-Y. Wang, Academician, Academia Sinica, Taiwan; Chief Editor, Journal of Chinese Linguistics

“This volume covers a broad range of phonological topics and an equally broad range of languages. It will be of immense value to anyone wanting an overview of the state-of-the-art in phonological theory.”
John J. McCarthy, Distinguished University Professor, University of Massachusetts Amherst; author of Doing Optimality Theory (Oxford University Press, 2008)

“An exciting collection of papers on phonological theory, including contributions focused on East Asian languages, but also articles by first-class scholars on a range of topics of interest to any modern phonologist. Highly recommended.”
Moira Yip, Emeritus Professor, University College London, UK; author of Tone (Cambridge University Press, 2002)

“In this important volume, the editors have put together a stimulating collection of cutting edge papers in phonology by top scholars from both sides of the Pacific. It will be necessary reading for anyone interested in the latest advances in theoretical and empirical approaches to phonology.”
Larry Hyman, Professor of Linguistics, University of California, Berkeley

“If conferences bring sparkles of innovations, then this book is the solid concretion of captured sparkle. It serves as tribute to how balancing phonological architecture and patterning across languages can be graceful and an art.”
Chiu-yu Tseng, Distinguished Research Fellow and Director, Institute of Linguistics, Academia Sinica, Taiwan

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