An Ethics of/for the Future?

While a great many books on ethics are published each year, the sheer breadth of issues covered in this collection, in addition to the calibre of its contributors, carves out a unique place for it in the area. An eclectic mix of chapters provokes a critical response from the reader and, in particular, challenges her/him to reconsider and/or reconstruct their overarching “definition” of the nature and function of ethics. Given the inter-disciplinary nature of the themes addressed by the contributors, it is a particularly useful addition to third level libraries in particular. For scholars, the diverse range of ethical themes and philosophical positions outlined allows for a panoramic view of the ethical hinterland. Not only are age-old positions revisited, but fresh fields are investigated which will elicit new debates in the scholarly world. For students, the collection brings them right into the heart of contemporary ethical debates in a challenging and stimulating manner. For this reason, it is well-suited for use as a third level textbook for undergraduate and postgraduate courses on, or related to, ethics and ethical themes. In addition, it is also a valuable resource for those wishing to broaden their knowledge of the field of ethics. Finally, the collection paves the way for new insights on established debates, as well as suggesting emerging areas for future ethical discourse. In short, this collection is an invaluable resource for all who are interested in, studying, and researching ethical themes and issues.

Mary Shanahan is Lecturer in Education (Religious Education) at St Angela’s College, Sligo. She has also taught philosophy, religious education and religious studies at University College Dublin; National University of Ireland Maynooth; Mater Dei Institute (Dublin City University); St Patrick’s College (Drumcondra); Church of Ireland College of Education; and St Patrick’s College (Thurles). She received a BEd from Mater Dei Institute of Education (2004) and an MA in Philosophy from University College Dublin (2005), where she also completed her PhD (2011). She is co-editor of The Taylor Effect: Responding to a Secular Age (with Ian Leask, Eoin Cassidy, Alan Kearns and Fainche Ryan, Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2010), and has published several articles on Plato and Levinas respectively. She is also a Committee Member of the Irish Philosophical Society, a member of the Irish Centre for Religious Education, and a member of the Council for Justice and Peace, Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference.

"These nine articles encourage rich critical reflection and will provoke much discussion at undergraduate and graduate level. [...] Given the wide-ranging content, the scholarship, and the exploration of emerging areas pertaining to the future of/for ethics, this timely publication is a valuable resource for those teaching or interested in ethics."

J. Haydn Gurmin Maynooth University Irish Theological Quarterly, 81:2 (2016)

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