New Tourism in the 21st Century: Culture, the City, Nature and Spirituality

This book analyses the cultural elements of 21st-century tourism. The structure of the book is based on four main issues, which will help further the reader’s understanding of present-day experiential tourism: namely urban and cultural tourism on a global scale; specific studies of new products linked to reappraising the landscape; heritage; and nature. It also examines the influence of branding and of the images projected in order to promote this new type of tourism, using both theoretical and general approaches. Finally, the Camino de Santiago is analysed as a paradigm of the new pilgrimage routes all over the world, with their implications and polysemic nature.

Culture, nature, spirituality and urbanism are brought together in a series of studies of contemporary tourist activities. Tourism is, in short, an activity that marks the return of slow movement, of calm and relaxation, of the landscape and of self-rediscovery as a reappraised counterpoint to the frenetic pace of life in modern-day societies.

Professor Rubén C. Lois-González, PhD (M), is Professor of Geography in the Department of Geography and Town and Country Planning at the University of Santiago de Compostela. He is a specialist in urban and cultural geography. He has been Director General for Tourism of the Autonomous Galician Government (2005–2009), and is currently the Director of the Euro-regional Study Centre (CEER). He is the principal researcher of the draft for the Regional Atlas Project for the 2020 Strategy from the EU.

Professor Xosé M. Santos-Solla, PhD (M) (Project Coordinator), is Full Professor in Geography in the Department of Geography and Town and Country Planning at the University of Santiago de Compostela. He is specialised in world heritage cities. He has also carried out work on the recent changes in rural areas and other human geographic aspects. He has been the Director of the Tourist Study Centre (CETUR) at the University of Santiago since its founding in 2004. He has been the principal researcher of the “Fishing Tourism in the Atlantic: a new tourist model based on cultural and gastronomic heritage of Galician coastal villages” project, financed by the Xunta de Galicia. He has directed a total of six doctoral theses.

Pilar Taboada-de-Zúñiga is a graduate from the University of Santiago de Compostela in Romanic Philology, and is qualified in Business Tourism, with an Official Interuniversity Master´s in Tourism Management and Planning. Pilar is currently writing a PhD thesis on Language Tourism, and is working at CETUR (Centre for Study and Research on Tourism) at the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain) as a full time researcher, carrying out research projects.

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Oscar Fernando Basulto Gallegos

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Pilar Taboada-De-Zuniga Romero

Anna Trono

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