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Tourism in Bali and the Challenge of Sustainable Development

This work offers a cross-analysis of the development of tourism in Bali, combining international and intercultural (from Indonesian, French, Australian and English researchers), transdisciplinary and inter-generational research. It questions the capacity of tourism, to be a vector of sustainable development, by analyzing its various social, economic and environmental effects within Balinese society. As such, it represents not only a great research tool, but a fantastic teaching aid. Each chapter comes with its own bibliography, and thus acts as a standalone case study, while making a contribution to the overall thrust of the book.

Dr Sylvine Pickel-Chevalier, PhD, is an Associate Professor and Geographer at the Faculty of Higher Studies in Tourism, Culture and Hospitality at the University of Angers, France. She specializes in studies relating to tourism, questioning its potential as an agent of sustainable development and its ambiguities, particularly when faced with the diversity of the world. She is president of the Association for Tourism Research and Education on Indonesia and co-director of the international conference “Tourism in Indonesia: Vector of Sustainable Development?” Her publications about Indonesia include several articles co-written with Philippe Violier, I Ketut Budarma, Asep Parantika and Ni Putu Sartika, as well as the books: Une histoire touristique des côtes atlantiques françaises: Saint-Trojan-les-Bains, modèle de station oléronaise dans un monde en évolution (2015) and L’Occident face à la nature. A la confluence des sciences, de la philosophie et des arts (2014).

"This work is highly recommended for those interested in tourism in Bali, including some of the issues that pertain to sustainable tourism development. It will also be thought-provoking reading for those interested in the relationships between culture, tourism and sustainability. [...] At the same time, the material is sufficiently accessible to present the interested tourist with information about the landscape and people that they are visiting and some of the challenges of managing the phenomenon of which they are a part."

Geoffrey Wall, University of Waterloo, Canada Anatolia: An International Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Research (May 2018)

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