Freond ic gemete wið: Perspectives on Medieval Britain; Language, Literature, Society

Freond ic gemete wið: Perspectives on Medieval Britain; Language, Literature, Society is the outcome of a symposium convened at Charles University in Prague in March 2012. It offers a mosaic of perspectives on medieval Britain represented by detailed and closely focused analyses of individual aspects of linguistic, literary and socio-cultural practice from the early Anglo-Saxon period to the late Middle Ages.

The contributions in the field of linguistics are concerned with the problematics of identifying and interpreting the imprint of diverse linguistic communities and the dynamics of language change on textual material, addressing issues of methodology and the interpretive models of contemporary scholarship.

The chapters on literature and cultural studies present new readings in canonical texts as well as interpreting neglected or marginal material. The predominant perspective emphasizes the broadly conceived foundational and/or normative character of the narratives, establishing an imagined community with the text at its centre or offering an authoritative model for an existing or emergent social structure or polity.

Michaela Hejná is currently pursuing a PhD at the University of Manchester, focusing on voiceless plosives in Welsh English, particularly pre-aspirated plosives. Her linguistic interests are language variation and language change in English phonetics and phonology.

Helena Filipová studies English Language and Linguistics and Teaching Czech as a Foreign Language at the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts at Charles University, Prague.

Helena Znojemská teaches English Mediaeval and Renaissance Literature, British Studies and Literary Theory at the Department of Anglophone Literatures and Cultures at the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts, Charles University in Prague. She has published articles on Old English poetry and religious literature in Litteraria Pragensia and Prague Studies in English. Her research interests focus on Old English religious poetry and on historical narratives from the Old to Early Middle English period. She also translates Old English poetry and prose and participates in the activities of the Group for English Mediaeval Studies, Modern Language Association of Prague.

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Helena Filipová

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