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Freud: A Mosaic

This monograph was written in the heat of a kind of intellectual defense against the feelings of psychosis experienced during the author’s fieldwork whilst training to become an analyst. Its coming into being required such an induction as it synthesizes sporadic thoughts which have been plaguing him for some time now. The discourse is – to put it one way – organic; though embedded within the chaos is a model of behavior based on psychoanalytic theory, which can be used to conceptualize the explosion of data emanating from the neurosciences. This is also a reflection on how psychoanalytic theory can take over your mind, if you only let it. You, if you are an empathic reader, should be able to sense the various feeling states that the author was in while writing these sections, and hopefully use that recognition to organize the plethora of theoretical meanderings into an understanding of psychoanalysis that is all your own.

Roger Hunt studied philosophy at Montana State University-Bozeman in the US, the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, and Boston University in the US. He is currently training as a psychoanalyst in Boston. In his spare time, Hunt plays golf and is a public announcer for local collegiate athletics. He is married and lives north of the city.

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