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Challenges of Anglophone Language(s), Literatures and Cultures

This book explores scholarly challenges within the fields of Anglophone language, literature, and culture. The section focusing on language details issues falling within two areas: namely, language contact and the language-culture relationship, and stylistic and syntactic perspectives on the English language. The literature part investigates twentieth-century American, English, and Australian literature, dealing with both poetry and prose and discussing topics of identity, gender, metafiction, postmodern conditions, and other relevant theoretical issues in contemporary literature. The culture part treats theoretical approaches in cultural studies that are vital in today’s cultural context, especially in Central European universities, the Irish language and culture, and contemporary cultural phenomena inspired by the growing ubiquity of technological intrusions into various fields of cultural production.

Alena Kačmárová is Associate Professor at the Institute of British and American Studies at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Presov, Slovakia. She holds a doctorate in English Linguistics and an associate professorship in General Linguistics. Her research interests include discourse studies, intercultural pragmatics and anthropological linguistics. She has authored and co-authored four monographs, eleven textbooks, and over forty papers in international journals, and has edited five volumes of collections of papers.

Bavjola Shatro is Assistant Professor of Contemporary Albanian Literature and World Literature of the Twentieth Century at Aleksandër Moisiu University, Albania. She holds a doctorate on Twentieth Century Poetry and Comparative Literature from the Institute of Linguistics and Literature at the National Centre for Albanological Studies in Tirana, Albania. She has published numerous papers in various peer-reviewed journals, has contributed with articles in four editions of selected essays on literature and has authored and co-authored six books in the field of literary studies.

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Marce La Michalkova

Jana Pecnikova

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Jana Scigulinska

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Marek Tomasik

Agnieszka Uberman

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