Intercultural Horizons Volume IV: Identities, Relationships and Languages in Migration

This volume originates from the fourth and fifth Intercultural Horizons conferences, held in New York and Sardinia, respectively. It reflects a diverse array of research, case studies and theoretical reflections on intercultural studies, civic engagement and varied perspectives on migration issues in the Mediterranean region.

The book will be of interest to a broad audience both within and beyond academia, including researchers of intercultural education and communication, service-learning and related issues; college and university administrators responsible for intercultural and service-learning initiatives; and students enrolled in intercultural and service-learning courses. The papers within will also be useful to persons who serve as intercultural mediators, including trainers and coaches involved in intercultural studies in business and other non-academic settings.

Eliza J. Nash is Intercultural Development Coordinator at Siena Italian Studies, Italy, overseeing the development and implementation of educational programs, events and conferences. She is a board member of the Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research, Italy, and holds a BA in Art History and Italian from Mount Holyoke College, Massachusetts, USA, as well as a Master’s in Oenogastronomic Tourism and Culinary Communication from the University of Siena, Italy.

Nevin C. Brown is Vice President of the Foundation for Intercultural Exchange and Senior Fellow at Siena Italian Studies, Italy. Brown has spent most of his career working in the areas of urban policy and international education. Among his professional affiliations, he has been a member of the governing boards of the Urban Affairs Association, the National History Education Network, and the Colleges and Universities of the Anglican Communion.

Lavinia Bracci is the Founder and Director of Siena Italian Studies, Italy. Her research interests are innovative pedagogies in the field of intercultural studies and intercultural competence assessment. She holds a degree in Translation and Simultaneous Interpreting in German and Russian, and has taught foreign languages and Italian as a second language for many years. Currently, she is teaching Reflective Writing for both undergraduate and graduate students at Siena Italian Studies.

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