Dissident Voices in Europe? Past, Present and Future

This volume brings together nine papers written by researchers from all over Europe working within the realms of political science, the humanities, theology and religion, as well as business, economics, and management. They offer unique perspectives to provide a truly multifaceted take on the topic of dissidence in the European context. This book has been organised into three sections: Part A – ‘Debating European Capitalism and Consumer Relations’, Part B – ‘Citizenship and the European Identity’, and Part C – ‘Europe: A Continent of Conspiracy and Control?’

Emma C. Gardner is a doctoral researcher at the University of Birmingham Business School, UK, where she is currently looking at the challenges and opportunities of business and professional service firms. Her research interests include the business models of knowledge intensive firms, gender and the professions, as well as challenges faced by knowledge workers.

Amir Qamar is currently completing a PhD in Management (Operations) at the University of Birmingham, UK, where he also completed his MSc in Economic Policy and International Business and his BSc (Hons) in Economics. His research primarily focuses on efficiency and flexibility within the automotive supply chain. He is also interested in the fields of firm performance, business strategy, economic clusters, business culture and corporate social responsibility.

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