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English and Empowerment in the Developing World

This book is a collection of thought-provoking papers that investigate empowerment within the context of language, education, and technology. In the seventeen papers published in the book, local and international ELT practitioners and researchers have analysed their experiences within a range of socio-linguistic situations. Adding significant insights and depth to a previously under-researched area, the publication will be of interest not only to ELT teachers and students, but also to social science researchers in developing and marginalised countries.

The book based on selected papers presented at the 2007 Aga Khan University, Centre of English Language seminar in Karachi exemplifies the issues of language and empowerment. The papers deal with complex educational and socio-cultural issues and force readers to undertake a cultural journey to see them from a different perspective. The collection of papers, whatever one’s teaching-learning context, will become an essential resource book for all English language teachers, scholars, and researchers interested in learning more about the success stories and problems facing language education in the developing countries, especially Asia today.

Dr Nasreen Hussain is an Associate Professor at the Aga Khan University, Centre of English Language. She lectures on language teacher development, professional practice of teachers, and classroom-based research. Dr Hussain has written articles for journals, book chapters, and has also co-authored English course books. She is editing a forthcoming book by OUP.

Azra Ahmed, Senior Instructor at the Aga Khan University, Centre of English Language Coordinates the SON English Programme and the Online English Language Learning programme for CEL. She has a Masters degree in TEFL, Pakistan, and has done many certificate courses from UK and Spain. She has published in Humanizing Language Teaching, SPELT Quarterly and her forthcoming publication is in BESIG Newsletter.

Mohammad Zafar works as an Assistant Professor at the Aga Khan University, Centre of English Language. He has co-authored a chapter on Gender and Education (OUP) and also co-authored a chapter in the forthcoming book on English and Employment (OUP). He writes for leading newspapers of Pakistan on ELT/ESP issues.

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