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Picture of Inorganic Synthesis

Inorganic Synthesis

A Manual for Laboratory Experiments

Author(s): Nikolay Gerasimchuk, Sergiy Tyukhtenko

Book Description

This book is designed to develop important practical skills for chemistry majors interested in synthetic chemistry. It will serve to teach students proper techniques for the preparation and handling of a variety of inorganic and coordination compounds. It shows them how to conduct thermal decomposition reactions; prepare moderately air-sensitive and moisture-sensitive compounds; and characterise obtained metal complexes using a variety of physical methods.

This volume is well-illustrated with colour photos, schemes and figures that allow safe, step-by-step work on assigned laboratory experiments. There are extensive pre-lab instructions for techniques, concepts and topics of experiments, and complete initial introductions to the methods used during the lab are also provided. Because of its clearly presented content with numerous practical examples, this book will be of great interest to chemistry professionals working in industry.


ISBN-13: 978-1-5275-3920-4
ISBN-10: 1-5275-3920-2
Date of Publication: 01/11/2019
Pages / Size: 396 / A5
Price: £64.99


Nikolay Gerasimchuk obtained his first PhD in Inorganic Chemistry from Kiev State University, Ukraine, and his second in Bioinorganic Chemistry from the University of Kansas, USA. He is currently a Professor at Missouri State University, USA. His research interests are synthesis, spectroscopic characterization, and medical–biological applications of oxime-based ligands and their metal complexes. His publications include 118 papers, two book chapters, and two editorials in a special edition of Current Inorganic Chemistry.

Dr Sergiy Tyukhtenko is a Senior Research Scientist at the Center for Drug Discovery at Northeastern University, USA. He received his PhD in Physical Chemistry from National Taras Shevchenko University, Ukraine, in 1983. He is an expert in NMR spectroscopy applications for the structural elucidation of small molecules, peptides and proteins. His current research focuses on the structural biology and dynamics of endocannabinoid receptors, enzymes and transporters, with an emphasis on developing novel molecular probes and potential therapeutics.