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Picture of Terrorism in Literature

Terrorism in Literature

Examining a Global Phenomenon

Editor(s): Bootheina Majoul
Contributors: Yvonne Ngwa, Tabish Khair, Ritwik Balo, Saptaparni Sadhu, Nongia Bestes, Maximiliano Korstanje, Jimmy Worthy II,

Book Description

This volume celebrates literature as a strong subversive tool, as an alternative for change, through an exploration of terrorism in various literary works. It brings together scholars from all over the world, including Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Cameroon, Denmark, India, Italy, Tunisia, Turkey, and the USA, to offer their insights. As readers themselves, they share an eagerness to understand the psychopathological personalities circulating among us. They urge the reader to dig deep into literature, to think, to cogitate and to learn. One of the most important literary figures dealing with terrorism in his novels is the internationally acclaimed Indian writer Tabish Khair, who generously wrote the foreword to this volume. He sheds light on the possibilities offered by literature as a means of dissent and a powerful tool for truth telling.


ISBN-13: 978-1-5275-3760-6
ISBN-10: 1-5275-3760-9
Date of Publication: 01/10/2019
Pages / Size: 271 / A5
Price: £61.99


Dr Bootheina Majoul is an Associate Professor of English Studies and Literature at the High Institute of Languages of Tunis at the University of Carthage, Tunisia. She holds an MA in Cross-Cultural Poetics from the University of Carthage and a PhD in English Language and Literature from the University of Manouba, Tunisia. She has nineteen years of teaching experience in several Tunisian institutions, and is an active member of the research unit “Language and Cultural Forms”. Her publications include the books Doris Lessing: Poetics of Being and Time (2016) and The Genetic and Generic Affiliations of Rushdie’s Satire in Midnight’s Children (2017), and she edited the volume On Trauma and Traumatic Memory (2017). She has also authored several academic articles and collections of poems.