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Picture of Remarkable Contributions

Remarkable Contributions

India’s Women Leaders and Management Practices

Author(s): Akanksha Anand

Book Description

Designed to meet the needs of students, teachers, practitioners, and researchers, this fascinating and insightful, contemporary text is from an author who is a research scholar in the area of leadership, gender, and organizational studies. The book provides a firm grounding in theory driven by mixed methods research, including the inquiry into leadership behaviors in India. It uniquely addresses two profound changes taking place in the 21st century: namely, the explosion of interest in the leadership of India’s growing service industry, and secondly, the emergence in the leadership of women in service sectors of India. Globalization demands the reliance on effective organizational leadership, and women’s leadership in India specifically has long gone unexamined. This book brings the understanding of this remarkable leadership of women to life through the use of case studies that capture their extraordinary real lives, and a survey of their team members. Remarkable Contributions: India’s Women Leaders and Management Practices is drawn from the author’s funded research on leadership behaviors, women in management, and organizations.

Key Features:

Boxed, inserted case examples illustrate key concepts and methodological findings, exposing the readers to a variety of applications of leadership behaviors.

Multiple research methods, such as the survey, in-depth interviews, and case studies, build upon the content of the book to examine leadership behaviors and styles in India.

A diverse leadership study offers suggestions and information based on the author’s successful experiences in conducting the studies with experts in the field both in India and abroad.

A review of studies strengthens the methodological instruction order to aid the research findings.

Exclusive survey responses from the leader’s team members on their perceptions of women leaders in India.

Cross-cultural context of leadership, covered through reviewing international studies on work cultures and environments.


ISBN-13: 978-1-4438-5827-4
ISBN-10: 1-4438-5827-7
Date of Publication: 01/06/2014
Pages / Size: 150 / A5
Price: £39.99


Akanksha Anand is a PhD student in Social Policy at Fordham University in New York. Her research work focuses on examining organizational leadership, managerial behaviors, the sociology of gender, and social policy analysis. She has taught courses in social psychology, community organization, group work, case work, human rights and social justice, and social welfare programs. She has also been awarded the prestigious Ratan TATA travel award from the Tata Trust in Mumbai, along with the Junior Research Fellowship and Teaching Award from the University Grants Commission in Delhi, India.