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Depictions of Pestilence in Literature, Media, and Art

This volume fills a gap in studies of literature, media, culture, and art by exploring depictions of contagious diseases in different genres since the dawn of humanity and compiling a history of such representations of pestilence from a post-human and environmental perspective. Indulging in humankind’s struggle with calamities throughout history, the collection discusses several media that portray real or imagined futures based on past and present facts. In today’s world, which is stricken with global warming and the COVID-19 pandemic, these narratives, termed ‘plague literature’, hold a crucial position in guiding humanity towards a greater ecological awareness. The book will appeal to scholars, students, organisations, and individuals who are interested in studies of literature, history, media, art, and environmental humanities.

Assoc. Prof. Dr Kübra Baysal works at the Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University School of Foreign Languages (Turkey). As a graduate of Hacettepe University English Language and Literature Department’s (Turkey) BA programme (2008), she received her MA from Atatürk University (Turkey) from the same department in 2013. She earned her PhD from the Hacettepe University English Language and Literature Department in 2019. Her main fields of interest are climate fiction, apocalypse fiction, Doris Lessing, feminism, environmental studies, the Victorian novel, and the contemporary novel. She has had translation works, book chapters, and research articles published in several international books and journals. She is the editor of the volume Apocalyptic Visions in the Anthropocene and the Rise of Climate Fiction (2021).

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Kübra Baysal

Sakti Sekhar Dash

Ercan Gürova

Lorenz Hindrichsen

Anastasia Logotheti

Roma Madan-Soni

Azadeh Mehrpouyan

Vivienne Taylor

Eszter Ureczky

Nazan Yıldız

Victoria Bilge Yılmaz

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