Experiential Consciousness and the Nature of Human Identity

Consciousness is hard to bring to the laboratory as it confronts us with a classic dilemma: can a mind observe itself? However, who, then, is observing the observer? Without experiential awareness, culture, the arts, science, and philosophy would not make sense. Would it make sense if refrigerators were to produce a “refrigerator culture” without the experience of freezing food? Virtually all human culture is destined to provide conscious experiences. This volume provides a rich array of views on human nature and the way it shows up in the strange land of human identity.

Vitor Jose F. Rodrigues, PhD, is a psychologist, psychotherapist and writer, and has published 16 books on subjects including self-help, sci-fi, philosophy, and or social criticism. He was a previous President of the European Transpersonal Association and has taught Educational and Developmental Psychology at Portuguese universities for 17 years.

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Manuel Almendro

Luis Baptista

Garbine Delgado-Raack

James Fadiman

Silvestre Fonseca

Jordan Gruber

Ingo Jahrsetz

Stanley Krippner

Pier Luigi Lattuada

Helena Marujo

Vladislav Matrenitsky

Eva Ndrio

Vitor Jose F. Rodrigues

Mário Simões

Stuart Sovatsky

Otilia Tudorel

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