Online Language Teaching in Diverse Contexts

This book brings together a variety of perspectives and interventions related to online and remote language teaching. Aimed at scholars and language teachers, as well as students of language pedagogy, these perspectives are drawn from diverse teaching contexts, although the findings they share can be applied across different levels and target languages. This volume also includes reflection on implementing these ideas during and after the remote learning necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This volume will be especially valuable in the coming years, as educators and researchers work to understand the experiences of teachers and learners during the pandemic, and as the remote teaching precipitated by recent events increases interest in online learning. As online language course offerings continue to grow and develop, this volume will be a rich resource for researchers, instructors, and students interested in better understanding the diverse practices and methods that can be employed in online language teaching.

Rachel Friedman teaches in the Arabic Language and Muslim Cultures program at the University of Calgary, Canada, and received her PhD in Near Eastern Studies from the University of California, Berkeley with a focus on classical Arabo-Islamic texts. Her research interests include Arabic language and literature, language pedagogy, and Arabo-Islamic thought. She has published on various aspects of teaching Arabic language and culture, classical Arabic poetry and literary theory, and Arabo-Islamic literary thought.

Angela George is an Associate Professor of Spanish at the University of Calgary, Canada, where she teaches all levels of Spanish in addition to courses on Hispanic Linguistics and teaching methods. She is the co-recipient of a teaching grant from her university related to collaborative experiential learning in the Spanish and Italian classroom. To date, she has published 11 peer-reviewed journal articles and three book chapters related to the development of sociolinguistic competence in Spanish and the teaching of second languages.

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Anel Brandl

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Rachel Friedman

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Randall Gess

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