Screens, Music and Audiences

Our lives in the 21st century can no longer be understood without audiovisual culture, which not only conditions our daily lives, but also the way we access and understand reality. This book, formed by the contributions of 11 researchers, analyzes different aspects in order to better understand the relationship between image, music and audiences. It attends to mainstream culture, studying the meaning of music in products such as The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, Blade Runner, La mala educación and Treme. In short, the book explores the relationship between audiences, sound, noise, music and audiovisual media, a relationship whose history spans more than a century and which continues to offer artistic products that can be analyzed from sociological, semiotic and cultural perspectives.

Dr Enrique Encabo is Professor of Music in the University of Murcia, Spain. He has studied the nature and context of Spanish music in 1898 and considered its influence on nation-building movements in Spain and Catalonia. He is the author and editor of the publications Música y nacionalismos en España. El arte en la era de la ideología (2007); Música y Cultura Audiovisual: Horizontes (2014); Reinventing Sound: Music and Audiovisual Culture (2015); Sound in Motion: Cinema, Videogames, Technology and Audiences (2018); Miradas sobre el cuplé en España: identidades, contextos, artistas y repertorios (2019); and Bits, Cámaras, Música, ¡Acción! Reflexiones en torno a la música como cultura audiovisual (2020).

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Valentín Benavides

José Valderrama Cabañas

Ciaran Crilly

Irene Matas de Íscar

Adrien Faure-Carvallo

Silvia Segura García

Lara Ballesteros González

Manuel A. Broullón Lozano

Laia Queralt Martí

Manuel Lagullón Olivares

Inmaculada Matía Polo

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