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Tackling Online Education: Implications of Responses to COVID-19 in Higher Education Globally

This volume brings together leading experts from eight countries (the USA, Canada, China, Japan, Sweden, India, Azerbaijan and Nigeria) to discuss how national conditions and institutions have shaped initial policy responses to COVID-19. These decisions and actions will have lasting effects on higher education in different national contexts. The book offers solutions to common pedagogical problems such as Zoom fatigue, compassion fatigue and lack of student engagement. It also addresses techniques and support for online teaching and learning including methods to most efficiently utilize technology. The combination of timeliness and international perspectives makes the volume a necessary addition to educators’ libraries. In addition, the framing of COVID-19 responses in terms of their international context and institutional cultures provides a new perspective and unique contribution to the literature for researchers, higher education administrators and policy makers alike.

Huili Han, PhD, is an Associate Professor at Central South University, China, and was a Visiting Scholar at George Washington University, USA. She has published one book, translated three texts, and authored more than 20 articles.

James H. Williams, EdD, is Professor of International Education and International Affairs and UNESCO Chair in Education for Development at George Washington University, USA. He has authored more than 80 articles and books on a range of topics, from social-emotional learning to education planning and policy, school textbooks, conflict, and national identity.

Dr Shasha Cui earned her doctoral degree in Higher Education from the University of Rochester, USA. She has years of experience working in higher education institutions and non-profit organizations around the world, and has published several articles related to supporting international students.

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Ted Cross

Ben Faulkner

Sadig Gachayev

Jessica Guzman-Rea

Stephanie Hall

Yan He

Geneva Henry

Jianwei Jiang

Pranjali Kirloskar

Per A. Nilsson

Sunil Ramlall

Camille Rutherford

Britt-Marie StĂĄlnacke

Keikichi Takahashi

Mercy Umeri

Jasarat Valehov

David Wicks

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