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Contemporary Practices in Bio-art: When a Tree Becomes an Artwork

This book explores the emergence of a new subdivision in Bio-art — Dendro-art, the interrelationship between humans and plants, the recreation of vanished species of plants, the ecological education of the population, and, more broadly, environmental protection.

The innovative quality of this work lies in the fact that many aspects of the phenomenon of Bio-Art are looked at from a new angle: the author of the present study is herself an artist who has received academic training in the field. Therefore, she able to examine the works of bio-artists both from the “inside” and the “outside”.

The conclusions drawn from the study may be of use to students, scholars, and teachers preparing courses in art studies, technology, and natural sciences. The study materials may also be used for setting up exhibitions and compiling catalogues on various types of Bio-technological art.

Lilia Chak is an Israeli artist, designer and Science-art researcher. She is an interdisciplinary artist who works in new media art, including Science-art, Bio-art, Dendro-art, AI-generated art, digital art, video art, photography, installation, and performance. In 2022, Lilia Chak defended her PhD thesis in the Sorbonne’s Art and Science Department (Paris). She introduced into the international lexicon a new term, Dendro-art, as a new subdivision of Bio-art. Lilia Chak has published articles about Dendro-art in scientific journals and made presentations at international symposiums. She has taken part in Science-art exhibitions such as: Museo Orto Botanico, Rome (2022); Ars Electronica, Linz (2020); BOZAR, Brussels (2020); Matsudo International Science Art Festival, Tokyo (2020); FEFU Art Museum, Vladivostok (2020); Negev Museum of Art, Beer-Sheva (2019), and many more. She teaches her experimental practical and theoretical “Art, Biology and Ecology” course at Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art (Tel Aviv, Israel).

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