Building Sustainability with the Arts: Proceedings of the 2nd National EcoArts Australis Conference

Environmental art or ‘ecoart’ is a burgeoning field and includes a wide variety of practices, some of which are exemplified in this collection: from sculptures or installations made from discarded rubbish to intimate ephemeral artworks placed in the natural environment, or from theatrical presentations incorporated into environmental education programs to socially critical paintings. In some cases, the artworks aim to create indignation in the viewer, sometimes to educate, sometimes to create a feeling of empathy for the natural environment, or sometimes they are built into community building projects.

This timely book examines various roles of the arts in building ecological sustainability. A wide range of practitioners is represented, including visual and performing artists, scientists, social researchers, environmental educators and research students. They are all united in this text in their belief that the arts are vital in the building of sustainability – in the way that they are practiced, but also the connections they make to ecology, science and indigenous culture.

Dr David Curtis holds an honorary position at the Institute of Rural Futures at the University of New England, Australia. An ecologist and social scientist, he has written extensively on rural and urban ecological sustainability and the arts and environmental behaviour, and he is the founder of the EcoArts Australis organisation. David has organised several multi-arts events, some of which have had audiences of thousands of people and participation of hundreds, and he has published a graphic novel about reversing eucalyptus dieback, Dazed by Dieback (2017).

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