Meet the Team: Rebecca Gladders

Meet the Team

We have always tried to put our authors first in everything we do and will continue to do that. However, we also want to tell you a little about the people who help to transform an idea and a manuscript into a published title. As such, in this new segment, we’d like you to ‘Meet the Team’.

We begin the series with Rebecca Gladders, our Senior Commissioning Editor. Rebecca joined the company in the summer of 2018, and leads our editorial team, liaising with authors and providing support and mentorship to the commissioning department.

She graduated from Newcastle University in 2018, where she specialised in early English and lexical development. Her dissertation focused on the lexical and contextual change of ‘happy’ and ‘happiness’ from Old English to present-day English, with emphasis on the influences of Old Norse. 

Aside from intellectual curiosity, the research had a more personal motivation: her surname can roughly be considered a scion of ‘glæd’, the Old English term for ‘bright’ or ‘shining’. The word went on to become ‘glad’ (a synonym of ‘happy’), meaning—with just a little creative license—that her name is an extension of happiness.

Her favourite book (at this moment in time) is Feminists Don’t Wear Pink and Other Lies by Scarlett Curtis. In Rebecca’s words: “It collates the remarkable histories, opinions and escapades of some incredible women while being hugely funny and relatable, refraining from straying into sanctimony throughout.”

One of her favourite experiences here at Cambridge Scholars was her involvement with Anna Cornelia Beyer’s book Health and Safety for Spirit Seers, Telepaths and Visionaries: Self-help for Schizophrenia. It’s a “refreshingly positive take on mental health and is written by a phenomenal woman who has never let her schizophrenia diagnosis hold her back.”

Rebecca lives with her fiancé and son in Newcastle, and—in addition to her thankless support of Middlesbrough Football Club—is an avid foodie, reader and coffee aficionado.