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Picture of The Language of Color in China

The Language of Color in China

Author(s): Jun Zhou, Gail Taylor

Book Description

This is the first book to explore color history in Asia. Color is a natural phenomenon and a fundamental element of the universe, and offers a medium to communicate with others globally. It is a language of signals, such as traffic lights, signs or symbols, and an essential part of society. Color attracts people’s attention and transmits important information. As such, color language denotes all of the activities of human history, and has been associated with changes in society, economic development, and dynasties replacing the old with the new.

The book brings together many elements of Chinese history with reference to the topic of ‘color’ and has evolved from the authors’ respective interests in art and design, teaching and research, consultancy and publishing. The topic will be of increasing importance in the future as a consequence of China’s increasing influence in the sphere of global culture. For practitioners of art and design, the book will be a valuable resource; for the general public, interested in the development of Chinese aesthetics over the centuries, it will provide a new perspective complimentary to existing studies about art, design and the history of the region.


ISBN-13: 978-1-5275-1122-4
ISBN-10: 1-5275-1122-7
Date of Publication: 01/08/2018
Pages / Size: 339 / A5
Price: £87.99


Jun Zhou (周钧) is an Honorary Professor of the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, where he is also the consultant to the Color Research and Design Center. He is an honorary member of the China Fashion and Color Association Council, where he is also a member of the color expert committee. His publications include Visual Communication Color Design (2008) and “Exploring Application of the Language of Chinese Traditional Color in Modern Society”, published in Fashion News magazine in 2009. He has written extensively on topics ranging from design to art appreciation during the course of his career.

Gail Taylor is Adjunct Professor of Donghua University, China. She specializes in the fields of culture and costume studies, the practice of fashion design, innovative strategies and fashion communication. She has decades of experience in fashion and textile design, and is editor of the Research Journal of Textile and Apparel and regional editor of the Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management. Her own publications explore fashion, textiles, ecology and sustainability, e-business and contemporary issues.