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Picture of Hospitality and Translation

Hospitality and Translation

An Exploration of How Muslim Pupils Translate their Faith in the Context of an Anglican Primary School

Author(s): Tom Wilson
Subject: Education

Book Description

What is the experience of Muslim pupils in an Anglican Primary School? Not the conflict or controversy that might at first be imagined. Combining analysis of two years of fieldwork in an Anglican Primary School where the majority of pupils are Muslim with detailed engagement with the writings of Tariq Ramadan and the recommendations of the Muslim Council of Britain, Hospitality and Translation demonstrates the positive relationships that are possible between Muslims and Christians in Anglican schools.


ISBN-13: 978-1-4438-7216-4
ISBN-10: 1-4438-7216-4
Date of Publication: 01/03/2015
Pages / Size: 270 / A5
Price: £47.99


Revd Dr Tom Wilson is vicar of two Anglican churches in urban Gloucester, where he also has the role of Inter-Faith Advisor, working especially with the local Muslim community. He previously worked in Liverpool, for a team of three Anglican churches, in a role that included frequent engagement with Muslims from a variety of backgrounds. He is married with two children.