We work together to secure the right review platforms

Post-publication reviews can play a significant role in the success of your work. We offer up to 20 review copies as standard. Our catalogue of over 4,000 titles has enabled us to build a review contact list that is both broad and deep. However, we appreciate that the specialist nature of many of the titles we publish means that often our authors have additional knowledge about where their work should be sent for review. This is why we will work with you to agree the most appropriate approach and ensure that you have the freedom to choose where your work is reviewed.

We work together to maximise the sales opportunities

We market our titles worldwide, through international booksellers that include Blackwell, YBP, Ingram, Gardners, Dawson, Baker & Taylor and Amazon. As with the review copy plan, we always seek to work very closely and collaboratively with each author to identify the sales opportunities and maximise the reach of their work. We have consistently found that the most successful results are achieved where the collaboration takes place over a longer-period of time.

We promote your work to international markets

We have a team of dedicated sole agents working across established and emerging international markets in the USA, India, the Middle East and China. These experts have built extensive networks of contacts and an in-depth understanding of specific market opportunities. This enables us to ensure stock is held locally, which means titles are distributed quickly and effectively. It also means we are constantly developing new and exciting opportunities for authors around the world.

We use global email marketing to increase visibility of your work

Email marketing is a natural cornerstone of our sales and marketing strategy for every title. We have an ever-growing database of over 100,000 global contacts, which covers academics, booksellers, distributors, institutions and societies. This enables us to create regular and targeted updates and campaigns for all our latest titles, for subject-specific titles and for individual titles.

We create a range of promotional materials

Many of our authors actively promote their work once published via book launches, conference speaking and other opportunities. We offer an in-house design and production service for all our authors to create promotional flyers and posters at no cost. We will either supply them to you or we can arrange for them to be delivered directly to specific venues.

We advertise in internationally circulated publications

These have included leading publications with high circulation, such as the New York Review of Books and the London Review of Books. We also ensure that titles are available on specialist websites and indexes such as the MLA Bibliography and the Linguist List, along with highly targeted and subject-relevant conference programmes throughout the year. Where we distribute our titles in new markets and emerging economies, we work closely with our distribution partners to secure appropriate levels of profile and interest.

We increase online sales through our website

All of our titles are available to buy through our website. For each publication we include full title and content details, author biography, reviews, and formats. We also make extracts available to view immediately from the website for anyone interested in a particular title. Our authors receive a 40% discount on our entire catalogue.

We can work with you to support promotion through social media

The growth and development of social media has created a wealth of opportunities for authors to publicise and promote their work to relevant and highly targeted communities and individuals. We work with our authors to help them develop the most effective approach to increase the visibility of their work. See our 'guide to promoting your book' for a useful list of suggestions on ways you can help raise the profile of your work.