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Visual Arts

Spanning work on photography, art, and the intersecting worlds of film, cinema, and theatre, Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s selection of books on the Visual Arts analyse numerous aspects of the relationship between visuality and aesthetics. Many of these books utilise innovate and interdisciplinary methodologies and draw their approaches from across the social sciences and beyond. Together, the collection will be of interest to academics as well as artists, filmmakers, and the curious art lover.

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Rhapsody of Northern Art

Rhapsody of Northern Art presents fascinating artefacts produced between the late Bronze Age and the start of the Romanesque Period. Ancient objects from Northern Europe, exhibited in museums, are usually appreciated as documenting the past and reflecting its society. The people viewing these objects are able to become aware of ski...

Coming of Age in Films

The story of films is the story of human development. From the very first story that defined the birth of our civilization—the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh, a story of immortality, aging and death—comes a tale of why we age. We are a species of storytellers. The stories we tell to each other define who we are. However, since we are l...

Essays on Education and Popular Culture

This book is devoted to simple but deep readings of the subtle and not-so-subtle messages in films, and to the interpretation of the silences that are strategically delivered through the mass media. Readers are welcome to agree, disagree, or even offer new readings of other relevant texts for the promotion of mass literacy and mutu...

Pop Culture Matters

We immerse ourselves daily in expressions of popular culture—YouTube videos, hip hop music, movies, adverts, greeting cards, videogames, and comics, to name just a few possibilities—and far too often we pay only scant critical attention to them. The essays in this collection redress this situation by probing a wide range of topics ...

Virginia Woolf’s Portraits of Russian Writers

Virginia Woolf always stayed ahead of her time. Championing gender equality when women could not vote; publishing authors from Pakistan, France, Austria and other parts of the world, while nationalism in Britain was on the rise; and befriending outcasts and social pariahs. As such, what could have possibly interested her in the wor...

Design for Visual Communication

The contents of this book are mainly based on ideas discussed within the framework of the 2016 International Conference on Typography and Visual Communication (ICTVC). This event was initiated at the beginning of the new millennium and has since developed into an internationally respected event. The chapters included in this volume...

Mnemodrama in Action

This book provides an introductory guide to the experiments in actor training conducted by the Italian theatre maker Alessandro Fersen in his studio laboratory in Rome between 1957 and 1983. This work resulted in the creation of Mnemodrama, a “drama of memory”. The technique was designed by Fersen to provide actors with a psychic t...

The Otherworld in Myth, Folklore, Cinema, and Brain Science

This volume explores a dimension of reality usually scoffed at by rational-thinking individuals living in modern industrialized societies, but still experienced by these same individuals when they are in a stage of sleep known as rapid eye movement (REM) sleep; this is the stage in which vivid and bizarre dreams are a person’s livi...

The Roots of Visual Depiction in Art

Why ancient humans first began to represent animals is a question that has led to a bewildering number of theories since cave art was discovered in the 19th century. Drawing on insights from visual science, evolution, and art theory, the book takes the reader on a unique and intriguing journey showing how the development of visual ...

Human Development IV

This text maintains the tradition established in previous volumes in that it is catered both to the educational public and the university student, providing fresh research and valuable information concerning relevant topics from social and educational backgrounds. Authored by a selected group of experts, members of the “Human Devel...

Jordan’s Proverbs as a Window into Arab Popular Culture

This book offers an insightful account of Arab popular culture through the lens of about four hundred annotated Jordanian proverbs. The collection touches on almost every aspect of daily life (including animals, kinship, religion, weather, generosity, money, food, and love). The proverbs cover a wide spectrum of morals related to c...

Politics and Culture in 18th-Century Anglo-Italian Encounters

This collection addresses Anglo-Italian influences, correspondences and relationships through the lens of an expansive notion of eighteenth-century political history, explored in its fecund dialogue with cultural history. Its multifaceted approach fleshes out the idea of the Enlightenment community of people linking and sharing dif...
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