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Visual Arts

Spanning work on photography, art, and the intersecting worlds of film, cinema, and theatre, Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s selection of books on the Visual Arts analyse numerous aspects of the relationship between visuality and aesthetics. Many of these books utilise innovate and interdisciplinary methodologies and draw their approaches from across the social sciences and beyond. Together, the collection will be of interest to academics as well as artists, filmmakers, and the curious art lover.

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Art, Myth and Deviance

Myths have long been considered the prime linkage between nature and culture, but we hold that they are more than this. The mythogene, which is our conceptualization of a connecting structure, links subject and object, history and transcendence, but above all is the blueprint for creativity. The volume deals, therefore, with the in...

Art, Politics and Society in Britain (1880-1914)

The oldest word in politics is “new”. The oldest word in the writing of history may well be “modern”: it is, without doubt, one of the most overworked adjectives in the English language. But the indeterminacy is perhaps just another way of saying that the difficulties raised are of a kind which simply will not go away… This collect...

Arts and Terror

This book examines the manifestations of terror in the arts. From classical tragedy to post-9/11 responses, terror – as an emotion, violent act, and state of the world – has been a preoccupation of artists in all genres. Using philosophy, art history, film studies, interdisciplinary arts, theatre studies, and musicology, the author...

Art Theory as Visual Epistemology

How can we “know”? What does “knowledge” mean? These were the fundamental questions of epistemology in the 17th century. In response to continental rationalism, the British empiricist John Locke proposed that the only knowledge humans can have is acquired a posterior. In a discussion of the human mind, he argued, the source of know...

A Seamless Web

In recent years, American art scholars have increasingly focused on the importance of cross-cultural exchanges during the nineteenth century. As essayist François Brunet puts it, mid-nineteenth century landscapes were “transnational . . . permeated by complex transactions where ‘American’ originality produced itself not only in imi...

Au Naturel

Literary naturalism, within the Hispanic context, has traditionally been read as a graphic realist school or movement linked predominantly to late nineteenth century literary production. The essays in Au Naturel: (Re)Reading Hispanic Naturalism—written by scholars from different generations, nationalities and ideological background...

Authenticity and Legitimacy in Minority Theatre

Contemporary theatre is one of the best ways for ethno-cultural minorities to express themselves, whether they be of indigenous origin or immigrants. It is often used to denounce social injustice and discrimination and, more generally, it helps to air questions debated in the wider community. It may also express itself thanks to th...

Authority and Gender in Medieval and Renaissance Chronicles

This volume is an attempt to discuss the ways in which themes of authority and gender can be traced in the writing of chronicles and chronicle-like writings from the early Middle Ages to the Renaissance. With major contributions by fourteen authors, each of them specialists in the field, this study spans full across the compass of ...

A World of Popular Entertainments

This groundbreaking volume of critical essays about popular entertainments brings together the work of eighteen established, emerging, and independent scholars with backgrounds in Archives, Theatre and Performance, Music, and Historical Studies, currently working across five continents. The first of its kind to examine popular ente...

Bad Pennies and Dead Presidents

This study closely analyzes key works by five pivotal playwrights: Sidney Kingsley, Arthur Miller, David Mamet, August Wilson, and Suzan-Lori Parks, in a comparison of the treatment of money in a range of American plays from the Great Depression to the early twenty-first century.Money emerges as a site of anxieties regarding the re...

Baroque Tendencies in Contemporary Art

Baroque Tendencies in Contemporary Art is a collection of essays by an international cadre of scholars addressing current trends within the field of contemporary art and how artists and architects reflect upon past traditions and fold them into the present. Often referred to as the Neo-Baroque, scholarship on this topic first emerg...

Being Doll

In this second volume, following Dolls & Clowns & Things, the author once again explores the symbolic relationship between the self and the object. This time, however, the possible fundamental role of cognitive consonance, characterized here as the ability of the mind to integrate opposing ideas into a single expanded understanding...
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