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Urban, Rural and Regional Economics

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Planning Behavior

While ordinary people tend to make myopic, independent decisions, planners deal with linked decisions intentionally and act accordingly in space and time. Little has been said, however, about how these linked decisions should be made. This collection of essays extends the concepts derived from decision theory in order to explain pl...

Cities and Cultural Landscapes

Places are locations of value where psychological and cultural needs are satisfied. Human relationships with particular environments play a key role in motivating, developing, and nurturing the life of societies. Undifferentiated space becomes ‘place’ as we understand it better and its built and natural forms become endowed with va...

Agricultural Development in Andhra Pradesh

This book examines historical trends in agriculture and rural development at the sub-national level in India, taking Andhra Pradesh as a case study. It investigates agrarian development before and after the green revolution, and explores the impact of major paradigm shifts in agricultural development policy, including globalization...

An Analysis of the Role of Cycling in Sustainable Urban Mobility

This book analyses the reasons why cycling is returning to cities around the world as an essential element in solving and overcoming the crisis of the dominant car-centric model of urban mobility, with its known adverse consequences of congestion, pollution and urban space consumption. It argues that it is not possible to solve thi...
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