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Urban, Rural and Regional Economics

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In interior design, the definition and popular perception of the interior has long been concerned with bounded spaces, and with the relationship between private and public realms. However, two issues have challenged traditional boundaries between interior and exterior, and private and public: first, the emergence of new technologic...

Planting New Towns in Europe in the Interwar Years

The key theme of the papers in this book concerns the prospects of building new urban environments and creating new societies in Europe during the interwar years. The contributions do not focus on the system of government – communist, fascist or democratic – but, rather, on what actually got built, by whom and why; and how the inte...

Formal Methods in Architecture and Urbanism

The book promotes the use of formal methods in the creation of new explicit languages for problem solving in architecture and urbanism. Formal methods bring advantages to human actions and involve the use of theoretically driven techniques, expressed in languages stemmed from mathematics. Formalization seeks to guarantee that solut...

Selected Studies on Rural Tourism and Development

Rural tourism is a form of tourism that is based on natural resources and requires intertwining with rural areas. It can be easily integrated with other types of tourism, and can be an effective global development strategy. Therefore, introducing rural tourism practices in various regions throughout the world allows further explora...

The Transformation of Addis Ababa

Nowhere in Africa is urban development occurring as rapidly as in Ethiopia’s capital city, Addis Ababa, at the present moment. During the last decade and a half, massive construction projects in housing, commercial buildings and infrastructure have transformed the landscape of the city, creating a social experiment that has never b...

The Harnessing of Power

This book examines how the 19th century’s transport legacy of bicycles, trains, ocean-going steamers, trucks, trams, buses and cars arose, creating numerous new technologies and markets. Nothing like this range of transport changes had occurred before, and the 20th century changes were incremental compared with those of the 19th ce...

World Cities, City Worlds

When living and working in cities, we need to make sense of them in order to get by. We must delve below their surface to understand what makes them tick and how we can best engage with them. This book argues that three tropes can help us: namely, metaphors, icons and perspectives. Metaphorically, we can see the city as a community...

Modern Rome

After fifty years and fifteen editions and reprints in Italy, this classic, groundbreaking work in the field of historical urban studies is now published in English. A masterful, fluent narrative leads the reader through the last two centuries in the history of the Eternal City, capital of the Papal State, then of the united Italy,...
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Modern Cities

This book presents ten types of city that are the product of the modernisation of the world in the past two centuries. That modernisation has changed the economic, social and political context in which cities have developed, as well as the form and function of cities themselves. Of the ten city types detailed, some of them—like nat...

Telematics Solutions in Maritime and Inland Waterway Transport

This book contributes to the identification and systematisation of current telematics solutions applied in maritime and inland waterway transport. It represents the first time that most telematics systems currently applied in the modes of water transport have been described in detail. The volume details the massive scope of the app...

Distribution and Supply Logistics

What is logistics? What is distribution and supply? What is supply chain management? Which elements create distribution and supply space? Which aspects affect storage design? Which information technologies are suitable for distribution and supply systems? What costs affect distribution and supply systems? These are just some of the...

Innovative Solutions for Creating Sustainable Cities

How do we prepare for and manage the challenges and the transformations that are increasingly confronting cities? Solutions are necessary for the impacts expected from the global population movement toward urban centres; the evolution of technologies and its influence on the economy; the evolving socio-cultural fabric of our cities...
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