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Picture of The Legacy of William Carlos Williams

The Legacy of William Carlos Williams

Points of Contact

Editor(s): Ian Copestake
Contributors: Ian Copestake, Grzegorz Kosc, Todd Carmody, Nick Selby, Erin Templeton, Eric White, Andrew Krivak, Christina Oltmann,

Book Description

The essays in The Legacy of William Carlos Williams collectively examine the reasons for Williams’s continued importance to the work of a diverse range of American poets, and to the development of distinct branches of poetics throughout the twentieth century and beyond. As well as contextualising Williams’s relationship to emergent cultural trends and ideas that influenced American poetry during his own lifetime (modernism, abstract expressionism, pragmatism, surrealism), the book highlights his impact on poets as diverse as Louis Zukofsky, Robert Creeley, Frank O’Hara, Michael Palmer, Lorine Niedecker and Rae Armantrout. The essays contained here help shed light on contemporary trends in American poetry by re-examining Williams’s own work from the perspective of those who embodied his example to forge divergent traditions.


ISBN-13: 978-1-8471-8194-7
ISBN-10: 1-84718-194-5
Date of Publication: 01/06/2007
Pages / Size: 220 / A5
Price: £39.99


Ian Copestake taught American literature at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt until 2007. He previously edited Rigor of Beauty: Essays in Commemoration of William Carlos Williams (2004), and is currently vice-President of the William Carlos Williams Society.