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Picture of Teaching Psychology around the World

Teaching Psychology around the World

Volume 3

Editor(s): Sherri McCarthy, K. Laurie Dickson, Jacquelyn Cranney, Annie Trapp and Victor Karandashev

Book Description

This book updates the information in the first two volumes of Teaching Psychology around the World, providing a current overview of teaching psychology internationally. Psychology curricula continue to become increasingly internationalised; the book includes relevant information about and research on teaching from secondary, undergraduate (baccalaureate) and post-graduate (MA, Doctoral and Post-Doctoral) psychology programs in Australia, Europe, South America, Asia, Africa and the US. It is a must-read for all instructors of psychology and university personnel engaged in building international programs, as well as psychologists and psychology students interested in the international aspects of the discipline. This book, like the earlier ones in the series, brings together current information on the teaching and practice of psychology collected by experts in the field from throughout the world.


ISBN-13: 978-1-4438-3448-3
ISBN-10: 1-4438-3448-3
Date of Publication: 01/01/2012
Pages / Size: 505 / A5
Price: £54.99


Sherri McCarthy, primary editor of Teaching Psychology around the World, Vols. 1–3, is Professor of Educational Psychology, Counselling and Human Relations at Northern Arizona University. Dr McCarthy is the author of several books, chapters and articles on various topics in psychology. She taught in Russia as a Senior Fulbright Scholar, was a Visiting Professor at Universiti Malaya and lived in Brazil as a CNPq Visiting Scholar at the Federal University in Porto Alegre. She is a Fellow of APA’s Division 52 and serves on the Board of Directors for the International Council of Psychologists (2004–2011), the Asian Psychological Association (2006–2012) and Engaging Peace (2010–).

K. Laurie Dickson is Professor of Psychology and former Department Chair of the Department of Psychology and Director of Learning Design and Assessment at Northern Arizona University. She co-authored several articles in Teaching of Psychology, reviews for Psychology Learning and Teaching and has been recognized for her work with numerous professional awards. She is active in internationalising psychology.

Jacquelyn Cranney is an Australian Learning and Teaching Council National Teaching Fellow. She has served on many Australian national committees concerned with quality of training, co-authored several books, chapters, articles and reports related to teaching psychology and contributed to reviews of the aims of undergraduate education in the USA and UK. She teaches psychology at the University of New South Wales.

Annie Trapp has undertaken research and worked to support the teaching of psychology in the UK for over 20 years through the Computers in Teaching Initiative, Learning and Teaching Support Network (LTSN) and the Higher Education Academy Psychology Network. She has presented a wide range of papers at national and international conferences, published widely on issues related to the teaching of psychology, and served as editor of Psychology Learning and Teaching (PLAT). Currently, Annie is Director of EUROPLAT, a network to support teaching of psychology.

Victor Karandashev, Professor of Psychology at Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has published several textbooks for psychology courses in Russian. He taught at Russian universities for many years, including Vologda State Pedagogical University and Leningrad State University, St. Petersburg, and has been a Fulbright Scholar in the USA. He has also visited and done research on teaching at universities in many European countries, including the UK, Germany, Sweden, Norway and Switzerland. He has presented his work related to international issues in psychology education at several national and international conferences, and was instrumental in organising the first International Conference on Psychology Education in St. Petersburg, Russia in 2002.