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Publishing your work

We believe that the real value of published research is best measured by the impact it achieves within its field, rather than its profitability.

This is why Cambridge Scholars Publishing was established with the express intention of providing opportunities for highly specialised research to be disseminated to a wider, receptive audience.

We take great pride in the contributions that all our authors make within their field and we remain committed to a philosophy and model of publication that enables academics to build a voice within their community.

We are constantly seeking ways to improve our authors’ experiences of publishing with us, and benefits include:

  • Complimentary copies
  • A discount of 40% on all titles published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing
  • Royalties accrued from the first sale
  • Authors retain copyright of their work

We welcome your suggestions for new publications. Within this section of the website you will find an overview of the proposal, submission, and publication processes but if any of your questions aren’t answered, please contact Camilla Harding at