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Literature Advisory Board

Aims and Scope

We are interested in receiving high class proposals for monographs, series, introductory texts and textbooks in all aspects of Literature. Topics may include but are not restricted to the following:

  • American Women Writers
  • Film and Media Studies
  • Postcolonial Studies
  • Catalan Studies
  • Immigrant Literature
  • Rhetoric and Composition
  • Creative Writing
  • Latin American Studies
  • Spanish Literature
  • Critical and Cultural Studies
  • Literature in English
  • Twentieth-Century Writers
  • Cultural History
  • North African Literatures
  • Twenty-First Century Writers
  • Dramatic Literature
  • Performance Studies
  • Writing Pedagogy

Selected Titles in this Collection

  • Anthony Burgess: Music in Literature and Literature in Music
  • Autobiography as a Writing Strategy in Postcolonial Literature
  • Equestrian Rebels: Critical Perspectives on Mariano Azuela and the Novel of the Mexican Revolution
  • Exile and the Narrative/Poetic Imagination
  • Exploring Creative Writing: Voices from the Great Writing International Creative Writing Conference
  • Foreign Correspondence
  • Interpreting the New Milenio
  • Kate Chopin in the Twenty-First Century: New Critical Essays
  • Questions of Authority: A Reading of Hamlet
  • Re-Entering Old Spaces: Essays on Anglo-American Literature
  • Studies on Literary Adaptation to Film
  • The Strategic Smorgasbord of Postmodernity: Literature and the Christian Critic
  • Who Defines Me: Negotiating Identity in Language and Literature

Advisory Board Members

Dr Ra’ad Abd-Aun

Postcolonial Literature

University of Babylon

Full biography

Dr Michela Barisonzi 

Italian Literature 

Monash University 

Full biography

Professor Jan Borm

British Literature

University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines

Full biography

Professor Roberto Cantú

Latin American Literature

California State University, Los Angeles

Full biography

Dr Pedro Miguel Carmona-Rodríguez 

Canadian Literature 

Universidad de La Laguna 

Full biography

Associate Professor Laura Colombino

English Literature and Culture

University of Genova

Full biography

Dr Nicola Darwood

Anglo-Irish Literature

University of Bedfordshire

Full biography

Dr Brian Edwards

Modern British Literature

Kishwaukee College

Full biography

Dr Carmen Gómez-Galisteo

American Literature

Universidad Francisco de Vitoria

Full biography

Professor Agnieszka Gutthy

Minority Languages

Southeastern Louisiana University

Full biography

Professor Anna Hamling

Comparative Literature

University of New Brunswick

Full biography

Professor Alain Kerhervé

English Studies

Université de Brest

Full biography

Dr Sc Grigoriy Konson


Russian State Social University

Full biography

Dr Papiya Lahiri 


Jaypee University of Technology 

Full biography

Mónica Maffía

Shakespeare Studies

Spanish Academy of the Performing Arts

Full biography

Professor Elisabetta Marino

English Literature

University of Rome “Tor Vergata”

Full biography

Dr Hossein Moradi 

English Literature 

Islamic Azad University 

Full biography

Dr Rosina Neginsky

Art History & Literature

University of Illinois-Springfield

Full biography

Professor Heather Ostman

American Literature

SUNY Westchester Community College

Full biography

Dr Ewa Panecka

Modern Poetry

Podhalańska Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Zawodowa

Full biography

Dr Adamu Pangmeshi

Postcolonial Studies

University of Bamenda

Full biography

Valentina Rossi 

English Literature

eCampus University of Novedatre

Full biography

Professor Cristián Ricci

Iberian & North African Studies

University of California, Merced

Full biography

Dr Yasser Selim

English Literature

Sohag University

Full biography

Dr Alan Shockley

Composition and Theory

University of California, Long Beach

Full biography

Dr Francis Tobienne

Intellectual History

Keiser University

Full biography

Dr Svorad Zavarský

Neo-Latin Studies

Slovak Academy of Sciences

Full biography

Dr Nizar Zouidi

Renaissance Drama

Higher Institute of Sciences and Energy Technology of Gafsa

Full biography

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