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Dr Yelizaveta Chernysh

Environmental Biotechnology

Sumy State University

Dr Yelizaveta Chernysh started her professional career in 2013 as an assistant in the Department of Applied Ecology at Sumy State University, Ukraine. After a successful PhD defense, she became a senior lecturer at the same university. She obtained her PhD in Ecological Safety, with a thesis on “Sewage sludge utilization by sulfidogenic association of microorganisms”. Previously, she had obtained her Master's in Ecology and Environmental Protection in 2010 (with a thesis on “Simulation of sewage sludge biotransformation for energy purposes” in 2010, and her Bachelor's in Ecology in 2009 (with a thesis on “Environmental aspects of hydrogen energy”), both also from Sumy State University.

Her research activity focuses mainly on technologies and processes of environment protection, in particular the biotechnologies of waste recycling, with special attention being paid to the pre-treatment and utilization of waste/by-products for bioconversion with the production of bio-based products (biogas, bio-fertilizer, bio-sulfur etc.). The sphere of her scientific interests also comprises the theoretical and practical aspects of the synergetic concept of nonlinear ecosystems processes, which include the estimation of anthropogenic impact.

Yelizaveta's publications reflect her research interests in the biotechnology of waste recycling and non-linear modeling of ecosystem processes. She has international publications on this subject, and technical solutions have already been confirmed by patent documents. She teaches a number of courses on the safety of vital activity, biotechnology, environmental biotechnologies, basics of bioethics and biosafety, environmental economics and municipal environmental activities.

She is responsible for the international cooperation of the Department of Applied Ecology at Sumy State University. She is a member of the Scientific Society of the Faculty of Technical Systems and Energy Efficient Technologies, and is currently a peer-reviewer for manuscripts submitted to the Journal of Solid Waste Technology and Management (Widener University, USA).