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Professor Yahia Hamada

Bioinorganic Chemistry

LeMoyne-Owen College

Yahia Hamada is currently working at LeMoyne-Owen College in Memphis, Tennessee. He received his BSc in chemistry from Alexandria University, Egypt, and both his MSc and PhD in bioinorganic chemistry from the University of Missouri-St. Louis, USA, under the guidance of Wesley R. Harris. He held several assistant professorships at various institutions in the Midwest and Northern Midwest of the USA, such as in Arkansas (Hendrix College), Nebraska (Wayne State College), and Minnesota (St. Cloud State University), before he moved to LeMoyne-Owen College as associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry. He has published many articles in the area of aqueous solution chemistry of biologically relevant metal ions with low molecular weight ligand, and has received various research grants from the NSF, ACS, and the Nebraska Academy of Science in support of his research efforts. His research interests are reacting essential and toxic metal ions with low molecular weight ligands in aqueous solutions. He was promoted to the rank of full professor in July 2016.

Yahia is the editor in chief of the Electronic Journal of Biology and on the editorial board of Journal of Nano-Medicine Research. To date, Yahia has supervised over 55 undergraduate physical and biological science major students conducting research in his laboratory. Most of his students went to pursue careers in the medical fields such as medicine, pharmacy, veterinary, or dentistry. Others choose to join graduate schools for graduate degrees.