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Dr Xiaoguang Ouyang


Chinese University of Hong Kong

Xiaoguang Ouyang is a postdoctoral fellow at the Simon F.S. Li Marine Science Laboratory in the School of Life Sciences at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Before taking this position, he was a guest researcher at WasserCluster Lunz-Biologische Station GmbH, Austria. Xiaoguang obtained his PhD in the area of marine ecology at Griffith University, Australia.

After graduating from Chongqing University, China with a Master's degree, Xiaoguang conducted studies in the area of environmental sciences in provincial and national administrative agencies of environmental protection for 10 years. His recent work explores carbon sequestration and mineralisation in coastal wetlands. His research provides perspectives for effective carbon management in the hotspots of marine habitats.

He has research interests in ecosystem functions and multi-criteria decision making. He has published 10 papers as the first author in reputable journals, including Earth-Science Reviews, Science of the Total Environment and Quaternary Science Reviews. His publications cover a wide range of formats, including meta-analyses, reviews, field studies and laboratory experiments.

Xiaoguang is a member of the Australian Mangrove & Saltmarsh Network. He is a reviewer for many international journals and conferences, including Biogeosciences, the Journal of Environmental Management, Science of the Total Environment, PLOS ONE and the International Conference on Water Resource and Environment.