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Weihua Zhang

Radioactivity Monitoring

RPB of Health Canada

Weihua Zhang has spent more than 30 career years working in radiation measurement. He has extensive experience in environmental radioactivity monitoring, and is currently a research scientist at the Radiation Protection Bureau (RPB) of Health Canada and adjunct professor at Physics Department of Carleton University. His research focuses on improving the measurement of radioactivity in the environment and nuclear treaty monitoring through the development of novel radiation detection systems, methodologies and theories. His key areas of study include the use of nuclear spectrometry and particularly gamma spectrometry, Monte Carlo simulation, and statistical science. Extensive scientific research activities in theoretical improvement and technical application have enabled him to contribute significantly to the areas of high purity germanium detector spectroscopy, liquid scintillation counter (LSC), alpha spectroscopy; proportional counter and scintillation detectors, radiological and radiochemical analyses of environmental samples, management and implementation of ISO certified laboratory, and hands-on training for major radiological technologies.