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Professor Wai-Man Pang

Graphics/Human Computer Interfaces

Caritas Institute of Higher Education

Dr Wai-Man Pang (Raymond) is now an Associate Professor in the School of Computing and Information Sciences at Caritas Institute of Higher Education, Hong Kong. He was with the Computer Graphics Lab at the University of Aizu, Japan from 2009 to 2011 as an Assistant Professor. He completed his postdoctoral fellowship and PhD study in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

His current research interests are two-fold: the first is graphics-related techniques, and the second is healthcare-related applications. Research topics include texture analysis, vision-based recognition, image feature extraction, collaborative working environments, computational manga, hardware accelerated algorithms, and health care technologies on mobile devices.

In his academic career, he has built up research interests and achievements in rendering, image analysis, visualization and physical simulation for medical applications. Over the last 10 years, he has published over 50 articles in peer-reviewed journals and international conferences. He has records of several funded research grants (five competitive and two internal) which constituted a total funding amount of up to about 2 million HK Dollars.

He has also presented and published much of his work in significant journals, books and conferences in the related area, including ACM SIGGRAPH, ACM SIGGRAPH ASIA, IEEE TVCG, IEEE TMM, Sensors, and MICCAI. He had also served as a program committee member of IEEE ICSC, ICAT2E, and ICHC, workshop chair of IEEE IMAD, as well as a reviewer for Siggraph Asia, Eurographics, CGF, and Visual Computer.