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Dr Victor Sacramento

Structural Engineering

Delta Mais Engenharia

Victor Sacramento graduated as a mechanical engineer in 1998 at the School of Engineering of the Mackenzie Presbyterian University in São Paulo Brazil. During his graduation year he worked in the automotive industry designing stamping tools for metal components of cars. He subsequently undertook postgraduate studies at the Aeronautic Technology Institute (ITA) in São José dos Campos, Brazil. He presented his MSc thesis on the “Analysis of Vibration on Rotating Timoshenko Beams” almost five years later, in 2003.

Victor continued working in São Paulo and teaching for a Secondary Technical School of Mechanics until 2008, when he became a design engineer for a Dutch manufacture of offshore cranes in Rio de Janeiro. He then began his PhD studies at the Catholic University (PUC-Rio) in Rio de Janeiro, and in 2014 I presented my PhD thesis on the “Integrity of an Offshore Structure Subjected to Waves - A Stochastic Analysis”.

After working for numerous oil and gas comapnies until the end of 2016, he decided to dedicate his career to his own engineering firm, Delta Mais Engenharia, which specialises in the design of civil, mechanical, and geotechnical engineering structures.