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Dr Victor Egan

International Management

Asian Forum on Business Education

Dr Victor Egan worked for over 20 years in engineering, project management, and risk management on large construction projects in Africa, Australia, and Asia, before completing a PhD and working in academia. His doctoral degree focused on strategic human resource management practices, particularly in engineering companies.

Following the completion of his PhD, he worked at Curtin University, Australia, managing international projects and lecturing in strategic management, HRM, international business, and research methods. In addition, he was Associate Dean (Projects & Planning), in which he was responsible for strategic planning and delivery of major Faculty initiatives, including a foreign aid project in Africa, international quality assurance, executive education, and offshore academic programs in South-east Asia.

In more recent times, he has worked for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), providing consulting services on operational excellence and sustainability reporting to a large government entity in Saudi Arabia. He has also continued his engineering work on more cost-effective unsealed road construction in Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, and the Central African Republic.

Victor continues to lecture as a visiting Professor at universities in China, the Philippines, and Australia in the areas of international management, sustainability, and leadership.