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Dr Vibha Vaishnav

Science and Spirituality

Sardar Patel University

Dr Vibha Vaishnav is a scientist with 22 years of working experience in the area of semiconductor gas and vapour sensors. Her specialization is in the development of various types of thin film and nano sensor structures using Indium Tin Oxide material and the sensor arrays for the detection of various vapours which are industrially/technologically important but hazardous or pollutant. She is currently teaching a course on Sensors in the postgraduate Electronics Department of Sardar Patel University, India.

Vibha has carried out advanced (postdoctoral) research in the field of Science and Spirituality. Her thesis for the synthesis of Matter and Spirit is based upon the premise of Evolution of Consciousness Force as experimented upon and shown by Sri Aurobindo (a Cambridge scholar; an Indian Yogi) and the Mother (a French artist; occultist). She has published several articles and a monograph on this subject, and is the editor of the e-zine eConsciousness.

Vibha was also part of the "Campus Diversity Initiative" international project, granted to her university by the Ford Foundation, New York. She has worked as a coordinator of workshops organized in order to impart experiential training on the theme "The Science of Living" and "Integral Education", as part of the "Life Enrichment Course" for university students.