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Professor Veronica Caparas

Educational Administration and Leadership

University of Alberta

An international consultant, researcher, professor, and scholar, Veronica Caparas has taught leadership, management communication, research, social science, and speech communication courses to business and development managers, executives, graduate students, and university students in various institutions, including the University of Alberta, Canada, the Asian Institute of Management, the University of the Philippines (as Full Professor), Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines, and Maryknoll College, Philippines (Professorial Lecturer).

A visiting research fellow at the University of Bristol, Veronica has won a number of awards for excellence in research and teaching, notably the Bacchus Graduate Research Prize for International Education, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada – Armand Joseph Bombardier, the Presidential Prize of Distinction, the Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplement, the GRA Rice Scholarship in Communications, and the General Education Professorial Chair, among others.

Veronica served as chief editor for the Philippine Humanities Review, copy editor for the Alberta Journal of Educational Research, reviewer and editor for various SAGE publications, and continues to get invitations to review a number of articles for social science journals.

Most of her research work and teaching paradigms reflect the use of critical social theory that exposes the deregulation of market dynamics, development's promise of a quality of life for most people, the global market-determined economy, hyper-marketization of social life, the increasing incongruence of the functions of social emancipation and social regulation, the liberalization of cross-border transactions, the privatization of assets and social services, the regulation of peoples and economies, and sovereignty of the market. They also discuss the involvement of international financial institutions in the international political economy.

Veronica’s works are consistent with her belief in the importance of linking micropolitics to governance and leadership principles. Her publications include journal articles and book chapters on business management and organizational communication, globalization, skilled labor mobility in Canada and ASEAN countries, and books on speech basics and effective speech communication.

Veronica has disseminated various papers and research findings at more than 40 international conferences, and has guided more than 100 graduate and university students in their research journey. She can be contacted at either or