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Dr Vern Biaett

Travel and Tourism Management

High Point University

Vern Biaett has been an Assistant Professor of Event Management in the Nido R. Qubein School of Communications at High Point University since 2014 and recently brought to fruition a new Bachelor of Art degree in Event Management. He completed his doctoral studies in Community Resources and Development at Arizona State University in 2013.  Prior to his current appointment at High Point University, Vern was employed for eight years as a Faculty Associate at Arizona State University where he taught event management courses in a special event certificate program he co-created.  Prior to this he had a thirty year career as a leisure service professional, primarily producing festivals and events in Phoenix and Glendale, Arizona for purposes of marketing and downtown revitalization. Today his writing and research agenda is three-pronged.  First, it includes the examination of attendee behavior at community festivals in real-time and real-space with implications for theory building on the topic of festivity and its relationship to play, communitas, social capital, optimal experience, and subjective well-being.  Second, it focuses on the use and development of qualitative ethnographic grounded theory method research methods and the Confessional Tale writing style.  He also investigates the estimation of attendance at large events and its ethical implications in terms of corporate social responsibility.  Vern attends and presents regularly at the International Conference on Events (ICE), ATLAS event management meetings, the Global Events Conference, and maintains his 25+ year membership with the International Festivals & Events Association (IFEA) where he is a member of the President’s Council and previously served on the foundation board.