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Vabya Kumar Pandit


Axiom Research Labs

Vabya Kumar Pandit received his BE degree in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from CSVTU University, India, in 2011, and his Master’s degree in Radio Frequency Communication from Jain University, India, in 2015. He has been working as an RF Engineer at Axiom Research Labs Private Limited (TeamIndus) in Bangalore, India, since 2015.

His professional interests focus mainly on satellite communication and electrical assembly, integration and testing (E-AIT) which deals with the assembling and integrating of all electrical packages on spacecraft and performing system-level electrical and RF tests, EMI/EMC compliance checks, telemetry and telecommand checks, and validating interfaces and functionality of the satellites. His current project deals with the design and development of scientific robots which must traverse a predefined distance on the lunar surface to transmit HD images and videos for future space exploration.

In addition, he developed Ka-Band carrier generators for high data rate transmission for one of the Indian Remote Sensing (IRS) programs at the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Bangalore, during his Master’s degree. He has more than three papers to his credit which have been published in international journals.