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Ubaid ur Rahman

Food Technology

University of Agriculture Faisalabad

Ubaid ur Rahman is a PhD scholar of Food Technology at the National Institute of Food Science and Technology at the University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan. He is currently working on exploring the potential of various spectroscopic and molecular approaches for predicting meat quality and microbial safety. In this context, he is working on FTIR spectroscopy, infrared spectroscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy, PCR, SDS-PAGE and Native-PAGE for the detection of meat quality and microbial safety followed by chemometric analysis.

His key research areas include food microbiology, food safety, food authenticity, meat science and technology, analytical techniques in food analysis with special reference to spectroscopy, halal foods and functional foods. He has authored 12 internationally impacted research and review articles, four international book chapters and 43 conference papers/proceedings with a total impact factor of 21. Several book chapters and research and review articles are forthcoming.

Ubaid is also a reviewer for several journals of international repute, and is a member of the technical committee of the 8th International Conference on Agriculture and Animal Science (ICAAS 2017).