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Dr Tom Gibbons

Sociology of Sport

Teesside University

Tom Gibbons is a recognised sports sociologist and has authored three books, including: English National Identity and Football Fan Culture: Who are you? (Ashgate, 2014); The Impact of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games (co-editor with Kevin Dixon, Palgrave, 2015); and Sport and English National Identity in a ‘Disunited Kingdom’ (co-editor with Dominic Malcolm, Routledge, 2017). Tom has also published numerous journal articles and book chapters on topics including disability and sport; national identity, globalisation and sport; religion and sport; and various sporting subcultures.

He recently (2017) co-edited (with Stuart Braye) a special edition of the journal Sport in Society on ‘Christianity and Social Scientific Perspectives on Sport’. He is also the founder and Convenor of the ‘Sociology of Sport Research Group’, which aims to provide a supportive environment to encourage, challenge and inspire students (both undergraduate and postgraduate) to further their research journeys into the exciting world of the sociology of sport. The group is the student focused arm of the ‘Social Significance of Sport Research Group’ led by Tom within the Department of Psychology, Sport & Exercise at Teesside University.