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Dr Tamim Younos

Water Science

Green Water-Infrastructure Academy

Dr Tamim Younos is Founder and President of the Green Water-Infrastructure Academy, a nonprofit organization in Washington, DC, USA. The Academy promotes a paradigm shift toward a holistic approach for the sustainable management of water resources in global urban environments.

Tamim’s current research and educational interests include water and energy nexus, integrated natural and engineered systems for the sustainable management of water resources in urban environments, and watershed science and monitoring. He has authored and co-authored more than 150 publications and has edited six water science books: Sustainable Water Management in Urban Environments (2016), Advances in Watershed Science and Assessment (2015), Potable Water: Emerging Global Problems and Solutions (2014), Climate Change and Water Resources (2013), Total Maximum Daily Load: Approaches & Challenges (2005), and Advances in Water Monitoring Research (2003). He has also authored numerous essays and newspaper opinion-educational articles that inform citizens on various aspects of water sciences. In addition, he has organized and chaired numerous local, regional, statewide, national and international conferences, symposia and workshops.

Tamim’s recognitions include the American Water Resources Association (AWRA) Icko Iben Award (2017); the Fulbright Award (2015); the AWRA Fellow Member Award (2013); the Virginia Soil and Water Conservation Society Honor Award (2012); Presidency of the Universities Council on Water Resources (UCOWR) (2003); Friend of UCOWR Award (2003); and the Japan Society for Promotion of Science Award (2001). Tamim earned his doctoral degree in urban and environmental engineering from the University of Tokyo, Japan. He is a former Research Professor of Water Resources and Interim Director of the Virginia Water Resources Research Center at Virginia Tech, USA.

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