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Dr Sydney Kankuzi

Sociology of Mass Communication

University of Malawi

Dr Sydney Friendly Kankuzi is an expert in the Sociology of Mass Communication and in Academic Literacy. He is currently a lecturer on the Communication and Cultural Studies program in the Language and Communication Skills Department at Chancellor College at the University of Malawi.

Since he joined his home country's College in 1998, he has served in various significant academic and managerial positions including Head of Department, Acting Dean of Humanities, and University of Malawi Senator, and his research output has been published both locally and internationally.

Sydney holds a PhD in Journalism Studies (Ulster University, UK), an MA in Cultural and Media Studies (University of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa), a BA (Honours) in Cultural and Media Studies (University of Natal, South Africa), and a BEd Humanities, majoring in English Language Teaching, from the University of Malawi.