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Dr Svorad Zavarský

Neo-Latin Studies

Slovak Academy of Sciences

Dr Svorad Zavarský has been exploring the Neo-Latin language and literature of Slovakia since 2002 when he began his doctoral candidature at the Slovak Academy of Sciences. Prior to that, he read History, Auxiliary Historical Disciplines, and Archival Studies at Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia, and worked as an archivist at the Slovak National Archives. In parallel with his PhD research, he also graduated in Classical Philology from the above mentioned university.

Svorad received his doctoral degree in Slavistics in 2010 with a dissertation on the Neo-Latin theological polemical works of the Slovak Jesuit polymath Martinus Szent-Ivany (1633-1705). Consequently, he became Research Fellow at his home institution, the Ján Stanislav Institute of Slavistics of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, and he was then promoted to the position of Senior Research Fellow in 2012. For four years thereafter, he served as a member of the Institute’s Scientific Advisory Board until he was appointed Deputy Director in 2016.

Svorad’s research interests lie in the early modern Latin literature of the former Kingdom of Hungary (of which Slovakia was part), with a special focus on scientific prose, works of polemical theology, the role of Latin in the process of national awakening in Central Europe at the turn of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and the interaction between the Latin and Church Slavonic cultures of the Carpathian region in the early modern period.

His publications include Themes of Polemical Theology across Early Modern Literary Genres (Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2016, co-edited with Lucy R. Nicholas and Andrea Riedl), Іоанникїй Базиловичъ: Толкованїе Священныя Лїтургіи Новаго Закона истинныя Безкровныя Жертвы / Joannicius Bazilovits: EXPLICATIO Sacrae Liturgiae Novae Legis veri Incruenti Sacrificii (Bratislava–Roma 2009, together with Peter Žeňuch), and Aurora Musas nutrit: Die Jesuiten und die Kultur Mitteleuropas im 16.–18. Jahrhunder (Bratislava 2008, co-edited with Ladislav Kačic).

Svorad is a member of the International Association for Neo-Latin Studies. He received the Michael Williams Award from the Catholic Record Society in 2014 for his research into the British reception of Martinus Szent-Ivany’s polemical apologetical tract Quinquaginta Rationes (1702).